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Investing for future growth is a key strategy for Textron. Here are a few notable examples from 2018. There are also additional examples contained within the segment sections.

Bell HELICOPTER marked the anniversary of the V-280 Valor’s first flight in December. Since its first flight one year ago, the V-280 has completed over 80 flight hours and has flown at over 280 knots true airspeed with in-flight transitions between cruise mode and vertical takeoff and landing. These milestones represent exceptional progress on the V-280 development program and bring Bell one step closer to creating the next generation of vertical lift for the U.S. military.
Textron Aviation announced an expanded relationship between Textron Aviation and NetJets, reaching agreements for the purchase of up to 175 Citation Longitudes and an option to purchase up to 150 Citation Hemispheres, making NetJets the launch customer for the Hemisphere.
Textron Specialized Vehicles won new business for its TUG, Douglas Equipment, and Safeaero products for use at airports around the globe, while KAUTEX, an industry leader in the development and production of all-plastic hybrid fuel systems, entered into contracts with major OEMs to supply these products for their hybrid vehicles.
Textron systems continued to advance its Ship-to-Shore Connector program, receiving contracts in 2018 totaling $420 million to procure long-lead time material for the initial production contract. In addition, following Pre-Delivery Inspection and Trials, Textron Systems’ Common Unmanned Surface Vehicle began Development Testing as the U.S. Navy leads underway operations and testing as part of its Unmanned Influence Sweep Systems program.